Yoga Teacher Community

Welcome to this community space for yoga teachers (currently teaching or not) to meet other like-minded folks who are drawn to holding a compassion space for others and who are particularly interested in weaving in Somatic practices to explore more fluid, fascial and explorative ways of gesture and movement. The intention is to bring together those who feel all nature of yoga practices are spaces in which to deepen beyond yoga as mere physicality; rather a place to explore our essence nature, differing moment-to-moment needs, boundaries, interrelating and the agency to move in ways that we need, as we need them. It is to explore where the therapeutic lies within such practices to attune to our gut-brain responses, whole mind-body expressions and conscious, embodied awareness. All this to support others without burning ourselves out in the process!

As well as a community forum for discussion, questions and meeting new friends, you’ll have access to:

  • Monthly yoga teacher’s in-depth blog (therapeutic subject plus sequence)
  • Monthly video with commentary for teachers over one of the videos from my membership archive, explaining the hows, whys, languaging, intention and reasoning behind the sequence.
  • Offers on Charlotte’s further training courses and other products
  • Access via the Kajabi app