Teaching Yoga for Digestive Health


with Charlotte Watts 500RYT SYT (Yoga Alliance UK)

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Exploring the content of her book Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), Charlotte Watts leads this 50-hr CPD online course to explore the theory and practice for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, experienced practitioners and other body and movement therapists and workers. The course covers the fascial, stress, trauma and sensory connections with digestive issues that are so relevant within yoga philosophy and practice.

Also see Charlotte’s trainings on Teaching Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Fatigue. As Charlotte is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, her workshops and retreats also count as CPD hours.


This course is offered ONLINE via Yogacampus

Suitable for yoga teachers, wellness professionals and those with yoga experience who are interested in this course.

Upcoming course intake dates, each with three live online sessions - click on your preferred intake for more info and booking via Yogacampus:

Sep 23rd / Oct 21st / Nov 18th 2024

Each session runs 12.30 to 17.00 on a Monday (UK time). International students please click here to view the event start time across time zones.

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Course Overview

This training will explore how yoga - with its focus on stilling the mind - can have profound effects through the gut-brain axis on conditions such as IBS, IBD, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis and more.

Over three 4-hour online sessions (3 weeks apart, exploring 6 themes) we will explore the continual communications between the gut and the brain and the relevance of the fascia, vagus nerve, psoas-diaphragm connections, stress, trauma, interoception and proprioception in digestive health. Also how yoga philosophy focuses on accessing this central axis and recognising our need to listen to our visceral states. This is with a view to gaining understanding of digestive system health as the heart of our whole being, relating and health through all other body systems; and how coming back to a mindful asana practice with guidance from gut feelings can feed into an intelligent practice guided by the yamas and gunas.

This will be practically applied for students’ practice and teaching approach, exploring how a range of practices (incorporating movement, meditation and breath) can support health through optimal digestive function. Charlotte’s book Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health is recommended supportive reading for the course.

This course will cover both theory as well as practical applications for a students’ practice and the teaching approach, exploring how a range of practices (incorporating movement, meditation and breath) can support health through optimal digestive function.

Charlotte is one of the best teachers I have met. She has very deep and thorough understanding about interconnectedness of different body systems and how yoga therapy can help to heal from inside out. Her approach is gentle but deeply effective which is not only easy to understand but also integrate in our daily routine. I would highly recommend Charlotte for her inspiring and deeply informative courses and her health webinars.” -

Kinjal Parikh, Soul Physiotherapy & Wellness

From a course student:

“Your Teaching Yoga for Digestive Health course is outstanding. Your video presentations are informative and engaging and bring the material in your book to life. Your practices are effective, accessible and lovely, and your verbal cues are so precise I can follow without turning to see the screen in the floor work. I really appreciate the practice images pdf for reference. 

Every week I have at least one "AHA" moment, some totally new information, a new perspective on something I thought I knew, and some are an informed and expanded experience of a move I have been doing for years.

I have been referring to your book and looking at your course dates in London for quite a while, thank you so much for offering your course online.”

Kathy Randolph, C-IAYT Yoga for Scleroderma, Mogul, Nevada, USA

In this online course, you will:

  • look at the digestive system and its relationship with many other aspects of modern life
  • gain an understanding of various digestive conditions from both a medical and Ayurvedic perspective
  • explore a range of practices incorporating movement, meditation and breath to support digestive health
  • develop a sound understanding of how to structure effective sequences

Course Structure

The course will require 3.5 - 4 hrs per week of study and practice.

At the end of the course there is an optional final assignment to design a class, based on what you have learned which will be marked with teacher feedback.

Over the course, you will receive:

Detailed Presentation

A detailed presentation on an area of physiology and how the yoga system can support this. This will be pre-recorded in two parts as both video and audio format (self-study) for you to refer back to.

Physical Practice

A pre-recorded physical practice to support digestive health in different ways that relate to the week’s theoretical content; including modern anatomical, yoga philosophy and body psychotherapy, as well as stress and trauma links to digestive dysfunction – as video and audio format for you to be able to revisit and explore the practices (self-study).

Live Group Meetings

Live discussions and group learning.

Audio Resource

A supportive practice as an audio resource to bring in other aspects of the yoga path or related, more modern, complementary techniques (self-study).

Course Outline

There are 6 themes to cover the course content (outlined below) – these will be explored in pairs over the three live online sessions

Course feedback from previous Yogacampus training

Melissa Craft, Yoga Teacher, Northamptonshire

“I want to thank you for a great course. I personally got a lot out of it, especially being new to teaching and have added elements into my weekly classes, particularly thinking about language and simple things like at the end of class rolling to the side which offers you the most comfort, side lying foetal position, protecting the heart space, etc.” 

Sabine, BWY Diploma Teacher, Bromley, Kent

“Thank you so much for the terrific course. I’m so glad I joined – it has given me lots of food for thought, fresh ideas for my teaching and simply deepened my knowledge and understanding of the importance of the gut and how important it is for our health and well-being.” 

Sam Mills, Yoga Teacher, London

“Thank you for an excellent course, serious highlight of lockdown - really relevant theoretical and practical information, presented in an accessible, warm and engaging way. Enjoyed every bit ⭐️ now looking forward to working through the assignment and nailing down how I would convey what I’ve learnt in my classes. Thank you so much.”

Kay Hoffmann, Yoga Teacher, Bedfordshire

“Thanks so much for the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was very impressed by the standard of your teaching content and your expert yet friendly teaching style!”

Lisa Wise Yoga, Yoga Teacher, owner Clear Space Studios, Hereford

“Thank you for putting together such a wonderfully in depth and informative course, I really liked the way it brought together health from physical (physiological and structural), energetic and emotional perspectives (psychoneurosomaticimmunology!). For me it has really helped to clarify and give me some language around the 'type' of yoga I am interested in teaching. I enjoyed the weekly rhythm of a practical and live discussion. Thanks again, it was a great course and I will miss the  practice tonight!”

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