Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery


In addition to the online course for the full 100 hours certification – can also be attended outside of the course or before the online course

Grounding, Orientation and Agency

In this day we will experientially explore different ways we can access and bring to practice, these key foundational guides into presence and safety. This is particularly important for those with chronic stress, trauma, anxiety and pain. We will cover how to guide these skills of drawing people kindly back to their present moment experience and needs.

Observing and Responding to Needs

In this day we will bring to life how we recognise signs of need through body signs and responses. This can highlight our habits of pushing into our bodies and letting the head run the show. This is where imposing our will towards goal-orientation or fixing can run roughshod over deeper body feelings and needs. Stepping back to feel – rather than thinking – our way through a physical practice can bring us back to the healing of whole.

The Language of Embodied Awareness

In this day we experience the real reception of our internal and external languaging on all aspects of our being. When many messages in the modern world are of a critical, punishing and judgmental nature, there is ever more need for our yoga teaching language to be invitational, compassionate and easeful. We will feel out our responses to instructions that are insistent and willful, countering these to find our own authentic voices of speaking to bodies and minds with kindness.

Resourcing Yourself to Support Others

In this day we acknowledge and meet the tendencies of compassion fatigue in those who give to others. Turning our kind attention inwards, we can recognise our deep need to have our survival needs met, before we can have any access to growth or self-actualisation. Recognising that co-regulation with students is part of teaching yoga, we explore how we can offer this without depleting our own resources. Also how our own boundaries allow us to support others on many levels.

Information, Dates and Fees

These workshops will bring together key threads of the online course themes to bring into the reality of teaching therapeutically. They will include practice, discussion and workgroups, and can be attended before, after or separately to the online course. They are the in-person attendance requirement of the full Yoga & Somatics for Healing & Recovery 100 CPD course on top of the online portion and assessment though - see info here.

  • These will be £80 per day workshop and booked separately to the online course - discounts for booking two or four workshops at a time

  • They will comprise practice, discussion and group/diad exercises – you will be directed to relevant material to reflect on before each
  • Within the whole course requirement, these can be taken at any time available and in any order
  • The full certification is awarded on successful completion of the online course, the assessment and all four workshops 

Grounding, Orientation and Agency


London: Saturday 10am-5pm

- May 4, 2024

Brighton: Saturday 10am-5pm

- Sep 21, 2024

Observing and Responding to Needs


London: Sunday 10am-5pm

- May 5, 2024

Brighton: Sunday 10am-5pm

- Sep 22, 2024

The Language of Embodied Awareness


London: Saturday 10am-5pm

- June 29, 2024

 Brighton: Saturday 10am-5pm

- Dec 7, 2024

Resourcing Yourself to Support Others


London: Sunday 10am-5pm

- June 30, 2024

Brighton: Sunday 10am-5pm

- Dec 8, 2024


online coming soon...

please register interest at [email protected]

Purple Turtle, Brighton

Old Slipper Baths, Barrack Yard, North Road BN1 1YA

- in the North Laine, 10 mins walk from Brighton Train Station

Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust

The Skylight Centre
49 Corsica Street
London N5 1JT

You can also purchase the online course + the 4 workshops as a bundle.

Hi, I'm Charlotte Watts.

Charlotte attended her first yoga class in 1996 and immediately knew that it would be a large part of the route to overcoming her stress-related, digestive, mood and energy issues. She trained at the Vajrasati Yoga School in Brighton (500 hour Yoga Alliance training) founded by Jim Tarran who is influenced by Buddhism and brought a natural mindfulness aspect to practising yoga. This was the beginning of a relationship with yoga focusing on taking time and finding space to feel subtleties of the experience, energetics and responses within the practice and create full body awareness within postures.

Charlotte then went on to train in teaching yoga for people with ME and Chronic Fatigue with Fiona Agombar and teaching for chronic pain with Heather Mason, continuing her interest in yoga as therapy for anxiety, depression and stress states. She deepened her mindfulness practice as a result of a specific mindfulness course for yoga teachers with Cathy-Mae Karelse. She continues to study with teachers Tias Little and Joanne Avison as they combine her love of mindful, somatic practice, yoga as meditation, the contemporary anatomy of biotensegrity and an explorative and compassionate attitude – alongside attention to alignment with respect to the individual needs of students.

Charlotte is an author with many published books, including Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), Good Mood Food (Nourish 2018) and The De-Stress Effect (2015). She is also an award-winning nutritionist, practising since 2000 and specialising in stress-related and fatigue conditions and burnout, and digestive issues.

Charlotte teaches classes in Brighton and London, workshops, UK yoga weekends and retreats abroad. She also runs courses and retreats specifically for yoga teachers to attend to their own self-care so they have the resources to support others.